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Navenby has a strong Roman history
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Stone cottages and walls decorate the village
Image: Wisteria_NorthLane_1726
Many interesting shops line the High Street
Image: PotShed-2_1733
Entering from the south
Image: Enter_South_1744
Some delightful cottage gardens
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We completed a new Community Centre in 2012
Image: IMG_20130809_090944
The High Street lights up at Christmas
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Websites are now required to identify a Cookie Policy does not require or set any persistent Cookies on your computer and no information is retained other than the pages visited. There are no third party advertisers nor any tracking of usage by a third party.
If you want to know more about Cookies See Below was registered in March 2007 and the first Welcome Page posted. Since then, the site has developed rapidly as a window on Navenby Village for community groups, clubs, local shops and businesses, local council activities and other such ventures. The site is updated usually once a week.

If you live in the local area you can have a page for your community group or a box advert to promote your business or a link to your own site if you already have one.

There is no cost to you - but only material that promotes and supports the local community or relates to local history. Text and images must be your own work or you need permission from the copyright holder. No details about group or individual events or businesses will be added without the permission of those involved. Links to public pages are OK.

If you are visiting, I hope you enjoy learning a little about our village.

I have received a few questions about Cookies.
You may have noticed that recently more websites are displaying a notice when you first arrive at the site to ask if you accept their Cookie Policy. The reason for this is that the European Parliament introduced a law requiring websites to specifically request your permission before setting a Cookie.

A Cookie is a small piece of text information that a website can place on your computer and then read each time you visit the site.
Why are Cookies used?
When you visit a website, the computer hosting the site sends the page you have requested to your computer, displays it on your monitor and then disconnects the link and forgets about you. When you click a menu item to see another page, the host again sends it over and then disconnects. This is not a problem if all you are doing is viewing individual pages but what if you have logged in as a member of the website or you were selecting something to buy for example? In this case the Host computer needs to know you are the same person who has already logged in otherwise it would need you to log in again for each page. This need to remember your previous request is why cookies are used.

Types of Cookies There are 3 basic types of Cookies.
Session Cookies
These are the simplest form and write only a unique sequence of letters and numbers onto your computer - enough to identify your computer when it is asking for another page. A Session is the term used for the period of time that you are spending on a particular website. If you continue to request pages on the site the session is extended but will be closed when you have not requested a page for some period of time. For the Session Time is set to 20 minutes for example. Some Session Cookies may write the information onto your hard disk but usually they only exist in your temporary computer memory. Either way they are erased when the Session is ended or you turn off your machine. Session Cookies are therefore known as Non-Persistent cookies

First Party Cookies
These are a little more complex. They write more information to your hard disk such as the date you last visited the site or a preference you have, such as your location for a weather report, and they are set to persist - to remain on your disk for a defined period of time - sometimes for years. They are used by websites to record your computer's identity so that when you visit again they know who you are and your preferences can be set even before you have logged in.
They are called First Party Cookies because the information retained relates only to your relationship with that single website. They do not record other sites you have visited and they are usually encrypted so that only Amazon, for example, can read an Amazon cookie.

Third Party Cookies
These are the ones you need to be careful of. A Third party Cookie may also be called a Tracking Cookie. They are often set by website companies who are in the business of tracking users and providing data to advertisers. They can be set to persist for several years and often get put onto your computer along with some 'free offer'. When you download the free item it also places a persistent Cookie which can be read and modified by any website affiliated with the company and transmit its information. Some websites receive payment from advertising trackers to place their own persistent cookie onto your computer.

Controlling Cookies
In your web browser you will have the option to control which cookies are allowed.
You can set 'No Cookies Allowed' in which case you may have problems using some websites. You can set 'Ask me before permitting a cookie' in which case you may be forever clicking pop-up boxes with many websites. A good compromise is to set

Always allow Session Cookies or Non Persistent Cookies
Allow First party Cookies for your favourite sites OR ask me before setting one
Do not accept Third Party Cookies.

A word about your IPA and tracking
In addition to any Cookies, every connection accessing the internet is individually identified by a unique number called its Internet Protocol Address or IPA. Your current IPA is shown at the bottom left corner of this page. It is set by your browser and PC and may change from time to time. It is not reliable to identify you over a long period or you may have several members of the family using different computers through your Wi-Fi hub using the same IPA. Your service provider retains a record of each IPA and the sites it has visited. Most websites may also retain your IPA number as a means of recording your visit and the pages you selected. does not require cookies to view the pages but a non-persistent Session Cookie is required if you are editing pages. No persistent cookies are set and has no affiliation with any third parties who set cookies.

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