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Bassingham Horse
Image: Web_Horse-Bassingham_2017-08-11
With effect from Fri 2 March 2018, there will be 2 separate, led Navenby Health Walks every Friday, both of which will start from The Venue, Navenby at 10.15. The shorter one will be a distance of 1.5 to 2 miles and the longer one 3 to 4 miles.

2017 was an extremely successful year for the Navenby Health Walk, with between 16-24 walkers regularly attending our Friday morning walks by the end of December, plus a regular weekly complement of 4 dogs (although they must remain on the lead throughout for insurance requirements). We now have 3 Navenby-based qualified Walk Leaders with myself (Ray Holloway) being joined by Paul and Trish Smith, plus occasional help from Waddington-based Walk Leader Ian Kendrick.

At the end of the walk, many participants choose to go for a self-funded coffee/drink together in a convenient hostelry/coffee shop but, like the Walk itself, this is completely voluntary and there is absolutely no expectation to participate. However, both the walk and the communal coffee session reflect the ethos of the scheme name (North Kesteven Social Strollers) – we are not a dedicated Rambling group and have no competitive ‘Rambo-style’ aspirations, preferring to encourage a supportive, ‘family’ social atmosphere.

Because of the increasing interest and additional qualified leaders available, we would now like to try and open up this activity to a wider audience, accepting that some people would like to join in but consider 2-4 miles a little too far for their current ability. Therefore, with effect from Friday 2 March 2018, we are going to try a slightly different approach in order to hopefully attract a new group of participants, by undertaking 2 complementary walks each Friday morning, both of which will meet at The Venue, Navenby at 10.00. to start the walk at 10.15.
Walk 1 (equates to the current weekly activity) – a distance of 3 to 4 miles each week
Walk 2 – ‘new’ activity – a maximum distance of 2 miles each week.

As before, these walks will sometimes remain within the village and sometimes travel by car to a different start point in the local area. At the end of the walks, those who wish to go for coffee etc from both groups can then meet at a common venue. This is the only cost of this activity, as these led walks are both entirely free and require no regular commitment to participate every week. All that is needed is for each walker to complete a ‘one-off’ registration form immediately prior to their first walk with the group, to register with the scheme, which also entitles the walker to join in with other groups meeting on different days in different villages. No specialist equipment is needed – just comfortable footwear & clothing appropriate for the weather conditions on the day. We hope to see some new faces joining us soon!

If you are interested, just pitch up at 1000 at The Venue any Friday morning from 2 Mar 18 onwards to register before the 1015 start time or, if you want more detail, ring either myself (Ray Holloway – 01522 811839) or Paul & Trish Smith (01522 810147) or the overall scheme coordinator, Dean Reed (01522 870272 or

The group operates as part of the North Kesteven Social Strollers scheme, more details of which can be found on Facebook or @NKHealthWalks on Twitter.

The scheme is open to anyone – it is not necessary to be a Navenby/Wellingore resident and the ‘Social’ part of the name is felt to be important too, giving walkers the chance to meet and chat with other people – it is not a race or endurance test! As well as being completely free of charge, a particular feature of ‘Walking for Health’ is that, once a simple registration form is completed prior to the initial walk participation, the walker is able to walk with any of the locally run schemes/led walks, which operate from Mon-Sat from various villages and Nature Parks. The scheme also includes specific walks from other locations for Dementia sufferers and the Visually Impaired, so it tries to give everyone the chance to enjoy the pleasure of being in the great outdoors.

Preceptory Walk
Image: Web_Preceptory Walk_2016-07-16
This whole area is very fortunate in having a wide variety of good scenery, ranging from wide open views, well-kept footpaths, riversides and sheltered woodlands, easily accessible to the public. It is also well served by these 2 festivals (plus The Wolds Walking Festival), together with the many ‘Stepping Out’ routes shown in NK booklets (see, which can be tackled alone or in family groups, for those who prefer not to walk with an organised group.
Finally, walking outdoors with a group has been proved to be a great ’feel-good’ activity, both mentally & physically, in all weather conditions so it really is worth giving it a go. There is no obligation or expectation to attend every week and no requirement to commit prior to each weekly stroll so, if you don’t like to be outdoors when it is hot/cold/dry/wet/windy/snowing etc, you can just stay at home instead, without feeling at all guilty. Well-behaved dogs are also welcome, but must keep their owners on a lead!
Wellingore Walk
Image: Web_Wellingore Walk_2016-09-23
The 2017 North Kesteven Walking Festival was held over 2 weeks in July 2017 and featured 2 walks which included the Coleby/Boothby Graffoe/Navenby/Wellingore areas. Brian Holman led a party of 20 walkers on a circular route from Coleby to Wellingore and return of about 7.5 miles on Sun 16 July and Ray Holloway led a party of 27 walkers (and 2 dogs) on an evening walk of about 6.5 miles in the Wellingore/Navenby area on Mon 17 July. Both walks enjoyed hot, mainly dry weather and the Monday evening walk captured a great view of the sun starting to set from the Viking Way.

The next festival will be the South Lincs Walking Festival which will be held over 6 weekends from 23 Sep to 29 Oct 2017 and feature approximately 80 walks of varying length spread around the whole Lincolnshire area. More details can be found at

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